Wednesday, November 16, 2005

An Email that was sent to Shimer Cosmos

Dear Community,Here are a few resources for discussion regarding the potential move to IIT aswell as other Shimer related topics. These are open discussion boards and blogsavailable to all who are interested.

Shimer livejournal: This is a message board run by current students. You do not have to be amember of the site to post.

The Future of Shimer College: Run by alums, and predominately aimed at informing alums and giving them aplace to voice concerns. Students and other Shimerians welcome. I do not thinkyou have to register with the site to contribute.

ShimerHenge Have not participated in this site, and do not know who is running it. Thesite does not have a particular focus on Shimer's current issues, but couldprove helpful nonetheless.

Hope that these prove useful,Alayna

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Snorey said...

ShimerHenge is run by me, Snorey, aka Shimerinexile, aka ytrewq aka Sam Henderson, class of 98. There, I did it, I dropped the shroud of anonymity (and two days *before* Solidarity Night).

The site is only just getting started, but I do hope it proves useful.