Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Security info about IIT, SC, U. of C., & other

Chicago Police Dept. crime reports by area in map form can be found at
For the IIT area, enter 3300 South Federal Street or Beat #2113
For the University of Chicago area, enter 5801 South Ellis Ave.
For citywide comparison go to
I also have a crime map for the Shimer College area not available online, but it seems that documents cannot be posted on this site. The map (from '99, but themost recent I could find) is posted on the Shimer intranet, and I'm sending a copy to Sarah Kimmel.

My analysis:
All three of the schools are in "Fort Apache" locations: with a relatively low crime rate on campus & immediate vicinity, but with high rates if you wander off in any of several directions. It seems that at IIT the biggest security risk for students is the EL line and the Comiskey Park station. But IIT provides a 7-day per week shuttle service to various stops in & near the Loop, which runs fairly often and till fairly late ( IIT also has a security force and "panic button" boxes on the campus. Returning from a recent visit to IIT, Shimer staff have taken the EL without incident.

Albert Fernandez (Shimer faculty)

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Snorey said...

The map can now be viewed/downloaded from Shimerhenge.

Thanks for your labors, Albert.