Friday, March 03, 2006

Farewell to Waukegan?

Is there any type of get together planned before the move? Or, anybody know when solidarity night is? The online calendar is so.... not informative. What happened to the old one where you could see what was going on and drop in?


Auntie Lolo said...

It is my understanding that those who are not current faculty or students are strongly discouraged from attending Solidarity Night, and current students and faculty are strongly discouraged from even telling us when Solidarity Night is. (Although for local alums, I am not certain what keeps us from just showing up on weekend college party nights...)

I would hope that some faculty member is reading this and could give me a yea or nay--- my sources are watery at best.

I DO know, however, without doubt, that we are strongly encouraged to attend graduation and they are making every effort to reach out to us to get us to come and see. Please contact them for efforts in this direction.

Albert Fernandez said...

I don't know when Solidarity Night will take place this semester, or if there will even be one. As you can imagine, we're all hyperbusy here. But I, for one, have heard nothing about alums being discouraged from attending, currently or in the past.


Auntie Lolo said...

Solidarity Night, I hear, is on April 29th.