Friday, September 09, 2011

Assembly info posted on

The next meeting of the Assembly of Shimer College will be held at 4 PM on Sunday, September 11, 2011, in the Cinderella Lounge at Shimer.

In a wonderful and unprecedented move, not only the agenda of the current Assembly and minutes of the previous Assembly, but also the committee reports, have been posted publicly on Many thanks to Aaron Garland for making this significant step towards openness possible.

The agenda has been reproduced below, for convenience. Here are direct links to the committee reports: Academic Planning Committee, Administrative Committee, Admission Committee, Development Office, Grievance Committee, Quality of Life Committee.

Agenda for the Meeting of the Shimer College Assembly
September 11, 2011 – 4 PM

1) Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of April 10, 2011 (prepared by Secretary Neel Rana)

2) Questions and Responses to Committee and Departmental Reports

3) Progress Reports:
a. Accreditation Self-Study (Colleen McCarroll)
b. Presidential Search Committee (B David Galt)

4) Discussion of proposed amendment to the Assembly Constitution to expand the official membership of the Quality of Life Committee (QLC) from its current seven members to ten (motivated by B David Galt).

5) Elections for Assembly Officers and Committees (to begin September 12, 2011):
a. Admissions Committee (announcement of results of online election)
b. Grievance, Appeals, and Judicial Committee (“ “ “)
c. Quality of Life Committee (“ “ “)
d. Ombudsperson
e. Speaker of the Assembly
f. Agenda Committee
g. Secretary of the Assembly
h. Parliamentarian

6) Discussion of Student Representative to Outside Organizations (motivated by Erik Boneff)

7) Student Elections:
a. Board of Trustees (2 Weekday, 1 Weekend)
b. IIT Representative
c. Other representative(s) per result of discussion of Agenda Item #6

8) Announcements

9) Adjournment