Thursday, November 17, 2011

Self Study Report Released

In what I am fairly sure is an unprecedented move for the college, Shimer has released the full, unredacted self study report, including appendices. The report has been prepared as part of the ongoing process of accreditation review. The contents, which include all manner of in-depth information on school operations, will be of great interest to all friends of the college.

It has become common enough for large, well-established universities to publish their self-studies online -- after all, what do they have to lose? -- but it is much rarer for schools anywhere near Shimer's size to do so. A web search turns up nothing, for example, from Reed College, let alone St. John's. An abundance of praise, then, is due to the self-study committee and the College for taking this bold and significant step forward for transparency.

Frances Shimer -- who insisted on keeping public records well after the school had passed into her and Miss Gregory's sole control, and without whose unwavering commitment to unvarnished excellence we would have no school to defend -- would certainly approve of this move.

Well done, Shimer!

And now, a trip down memory lane

This takes me back:

Shimer's lucky thirteenth president has been working pretty hard lately to rehabilitate his incompetent, power-crazed, duplicitous, money-grubbing, incompetent problematic image. He may still have some work to do; the above screenshot was taken today.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Agenda for Shimer College Assembly of November 12, 2011

Source (PDF). See committee & Fireside reports on Thanks are due once again to Aaron Garland for making this information available to the external community.

Sunday, November 12, 2011
I. Report on the Minutes of September 11
II. Committee Reports: Committee reports have been sent out through the Bulletin
Board and willnot be presented orally. Please read them prior to the meeting.
Questions for committees are welcome.
∙ Administrative Committee
∙ Admission Committee
∙ Financial Aid Policy Committee
∙ Grievance, Appeals, and Judicial Committee
III. Administrative Reports: (Requested by the Agenda Committee)
∙ Mary Pat Barbarie (Development): 5 min
∙ B David Galt (Presidential Search): 5 min
∙ B David Galt (Student Life Reorganization): 15 min
IV. Tabled Item from 9/11: 15 min
∙ Motion: that Shimer College elect a student in the spring of each calendar year to
be designated as Student Representative to Outside Organizations. (Motivated by
Erik Boneff)
∙ Note: If this motion passes, the Assembly will promptly hold this election.
V. Elections: 15 min
∙ Financial Aid Policy Committee (3 day students, 1 weekend student, two faculty,
1 at-large)
∙ Student Replacement for the QLC
VI. Dean Barbara Stone’s Report on the Academic State of the College: 30 min
VII. Proposed Amendments to the Assembly Constitution:
∙ For discussion only to be voted on at the first Assembly of 2012. SEE BELOW.
∙ (1)Transparency (motivated by Eileen Buchanan); (2) Authority (Motivated by
Albert Fernandez); (3)Committee reports (motivated by Eileen Buchanan)
VIII. Adjournment