Thursday, November 17, 2011

Self Study Report Released

In what I am fairly sure is an unprecedented move for the college, Shimer has released the full, unredacted self study report, including appendices. The report has been prepared as part of the ongoing process of accreditation review. The contents, which include all manner of in-depth information on school operations, will be of great interest to all friends of the college.

It has become common enough for large, well-established universities to publish their self-studies online -- after all, what do they have to lose? -- but it is much rarer for schools anywhere near Shimer's size to do so. A web search turns up nothing, for example, from Reed College, let alone St. John's. An abundance of praise, then, is due to the self-study committee and the College for taking this bold and significant step forward for transparency.

Frances Shimer -- who insisted on keeping public records well after the school had passed into her and Miss Gregory's sole control, and without whose unwavering commitment to unvarnished excellence we would have no school to defend -- would certainly approve of this move.

Well done, Shimer!

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Anonymous said...

The only St. John's self study I know of was done in the 1950s, and probably not available online. I think it was funded by the Ford Foundation