Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shimer Student Union Blog

Hi All!

I am pleased to announced that the students of Shimer College have formed what we are currently calling the "Shimer Student Union." The Shimer Student Union is a group of concerned students dedicated to playing an active and instrumental role in preserving and furthering Shimer College's ethos and democracy. In order to be a more powerful force than we were in the proceedings of the last board meeting and in general, we are formally outlining goals and tactics, gathering allies, reaching out to media outlets, disseminating information, and preparing in such a way that the voice of the students can no longer be ignored.

Join us! For private, member-only discussions, submit a request to join our Google Group. And for the latest news and commentary written by solely us students, visit the Shimer Student Union Blog.

Thank you for your care and concern.

--Jonathan Timm, Class of 2011

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