Sunday, August 19, 2012

Roundup of Shimer College internship posts from blog.shimer

If you haven't subscribed to blog.shimer yet, you probably should.

Here is a convenient list of links to the remarkable series of posts from this summer's SIM interns ... with many an interesting example of "active citizenship in the world":

From the prolific Naomi Neal at Tryon Farm:

Meet Naomi & Meet Tryon Farm

Naomi's Internship, Week 1: The Tryon Farm Institute

Naomi's Internship, Week 2: Dirt, Bugs, & Sunshine

Naomi's Internship, Week 3: National Pollinator Week Madness

Naomi's Internship, Week 4: Under the Early-Morning Sun

Naomi's Internship, Week 5: Mini-Week

Naomi's Internship, Week 6: Mixing Concrete, Making Plans

Naomi's Internship, Week 7: Painting a Fence

Naomi's Internship, Week 8: Building a Cob Oven

Naomi's Internship, Week 9: Dino Feet, and Farewell

Posts from Brad Krautwurst at the Richmond Public Library:

A Summer Among the Books

A love letter to libraries

Librarians as Social Workers

Girls of Summer at Richmond Public Library

Nikki Giovanni Visits Richmond Public Library

Microfilms and History

88 Books that Shaped America at RPL

Final Thoughts?

From Kathryn Stresak at Growing Power:

An Introduction to my Shimer Internship at Growing Power

I never thought I would write a math metaphor...

See What's Up on the Farm

Parks and Mark-ets

Heat Wave

So What Is This?

From Ed Vlcek at the Chicago Honey Co-op:

My First Day as an Urban Beekeeper

A few edible incidents and some smoke

Wax and a tiny swarm


From Dorian Electra Gomberg at Emergent Order:

Dorian Electra's in Texas

Big Shot on a Big Shoot

One of the Team!

Humor Heals the Heart: The Anna King Story

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