Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shimer College admissions seeks alumni help

From Shimer admissions to Shimer alumni
1.Refer a Student

One of the greatest impacts alumni can have on our intellectual and fiscal vibrancy is to help us enroll the kind of smart, talented, enthusiastic student who thrives at Shimer.  Applicants referred by alumni typically complete applications, are admitted, and enroll at much higher rates than students who come from any other source. In one college's case, alumni referrals constituted 1% of inquiries but 10% of enrollment!

For the first time, we’re setting a goal of 25 referrals between now and May 1. But right now, prospective students have a chance to win a full-tuition scholarship for up to four years. Help us get closer to the goal by referring a student before the deadline to register for the scholarship competition expires on February 1.

Don’t think you know any potential Shimer students? We bet they’re closer than you think. They could be relatives, neighbors, co-workers, the siblings or children of your friends, or friends of friends. They might also be talented young people featured in your local paper or online whom you've contacted to share information about Shimer. Hearing about your experience at Shimer and the difference it made in your life can be very compelling for both students and their parents.

When you have contacted a student, please fill out the referral form below. Please note, when a student you’ve referred applies to Shimer, we’ll waive the student’s application fee.

If you know someone who would benefit from a Shimer education, please fill out a referral form.


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