Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shimer seeks your input on the future of the college

Input from alumni on the future directions of the college is sought by the end of this month (July 31, 2013). 

Quoting the original letter from David Shiner in full, since I don't think anyone will mind:

This is the second article I’ve written for alumni on the issue of planning for Shimer’s future.  Since some of those reading this article might have missed the first one, I’m going to briefly repeat some of the points I made earlier.  Then, in true Shimerian fashion, I’m going to propose a topic for discussion and to ask you to contribute to it.

Every so often, we at Shimer take a deep breath and plot our course for the future.  This is one of those times.  Shimer’s 10-year strategic plan is about to expire, and we need to prepare for Shimer’s future.  As part of that preparation, the Assembly has approved and elected a new committee, the Institutional Goals and Assessment Committee (IGAC), which I am chairing.  That committee will contribute to the work of the Strategic Planning Committee, a broad-based group that will be appointed by Board of Trustees Chairperson Sally Brown later this summer.  Both committees will work on a new Vision Statement – that is, a statement declaring Shimer’s aspirations for the foreseeable future – and will propose goals for the College to achieve during that period.

It’s important that alumni be included in this process.  The Board consists primarily of alumni, which allows for a certain degree of representation.  However, we don’t think that’s enough.  So we’re inviting all Shimer alumni to offer their views on the direction of the College over the next few years. 

So, what do you think?  What is most important about Shimer?  What do you think we should preserve – that is what are the key elements of what you value about Shimer?  Where do we need to improve, and how might we go about doing that?  Where should we innovate, and why?  In short, what is it that, in your opinion, matters most about Shimer, and especially about Shimer’s future?

Think on these things.  Once you’ve clarified your thoughts, send me your reply at  I need to hear from by the end of this month (July 31, 2013). Your missive can be as short or as long as you wish, but whatever you do, be sure to send something.  It really matters.
 For those who might like to post their thoughts in a more public forum as well, this blog is at your service.

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