Thursday, May 24, 2012

After-action reports on climate rally

Here are some reports from the "Turn up the Heat" rally in downtown Chicago on Tuesday:

Daily Kos

Atlanta Progressive News

People's World

Video from Samwise

Photos on Facebook

More photos on Examiner

If you're feeling the need for alternative perspectives, you can also sift the dregs of the right-wing blogosphere, where you'll find some views from the other side. These are always informative reading, although I think I'll refrain from honoring them with any direct links. One report is on the Forbes website, of all places, and can be located by Googling the phrase "the Heartland Institute, for whom I work".

For credible reports from inside the Hilton, check out Suzanne Goldenberg's pieces in The Guardian: "Heartland Institute in financial crisis after billboard controversy", "Heartland reflects on its beating".

(In particular, the remarkable late-breaking news that Heartland is suspending these conferences indefinitely, due to insufficient funds and poor attendance, deserves special mention.)

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