Monday, May 21, 2012

Rally for climate science in Chicago, Tuesday 5/22 -- updated with poster

Shimer's very own student activist group, SMELT (Students Mobilized for Equality Liberation & Transparency), will be taking a leading role in a rally to be held against the Heartland Institute's denialist anti-science conference in downtown Chicago this coming Tuesday, May 22.

With Heartland's brand growing increasingly toxic after  its impressively ill-advised billboard campaign -- apparently too toxic even for the likes of renowned douchebag James Sensenbrenner -- this could be your last chance to heap well-deserved opprobrium on the hapless Joe Bast, extremely former member of the Shimer Board of Trustees.  So don't miss it! Come one, come all!

Here is the event description, from co-organizer Ben Bornstein:


10am-- Meet-up at the "Bean" in Millennium Park to rally and begin a march to...

11:00am-- the Hilton Hotel and the Heartland Institute's Conference on Climate Change Denial at 720 S Michigan Ave.

11:15am-- Speakers will begin the Local Conference on Climate Change in the park across the avenue from the Hilton.

12:30/1:00pm--March from 720 S Michigan to the Heartland Institute's headquarters at 1 S Wacker in the Loop.

We, the climate change believers, will be holding an impromptu conference on a Local Assuredness that Climate Change Exists Conference outside of the Heartland Institute's International Climate Change Conference in the Hilton next Tuesday, May 22nd, from the late morning until the early afternoon.

The Heartland Institute began an effort to forward climate change skepticism a number of years ago and have been holding an International Conference on Climate Change ever since. Topics addressed include implications for the catastrophe insurance industry in accepting or denying aspects of climate change, the overbearing attitude of the federal government in dealing with global warming, and the negative effects of alternative energy on free-market enterprises.

In short, it's a conference dedicated to affirming the worldview that alternative energy is a bad idea, capitalism and free-market principles protect the environment, and a conspiracy is afoot to keep the general population worried about “human-made climate change”... Capitalist and their lawyers...

Come out and yell about the REAL climate change you learned about in SCHOOL.
Chalk the sidewalk, hand out leaflets, listen to local experts, and make sure the corporate toadies hear you inside the Hilton. 

Update: Poster: 

For updates or to RSVP, see the event page on Facebook.


Papa Zu said...

Was the guy with a boot on his head the president of Shimer College?

Frank Frank said...

I suspect you will not find a single speaker nor a single delegate at the Heartland conference who 'denies' climate change. They are all very interested in climate change, and will be sharing many studies on and around it. I think they are making a very valuable contribution to our understanding of scientific and of policy issues.

Visviva said...

@Papa: No, he's a fringe presidential candidate unaffiliated with any of the organizations involved in the rally. But since you bring it up, he's also a fair sample of the quality of leadership Shimer would be enjoying now if we hadn't gotten rid of Bast and his cronies when he did. Idiocy knows no party.

@Frank: That's a fair cop. Perhaps we could settle on "climate science denial"? Or "denial of any account of global climate change that conflicts with the interests of certain extremely powerful groups"? That would certainly cover the reliable reports from the Guardian.

(I mean, seriously, Bible verses? That's the best you've got? We read the Bible in a lot of Shimer courses, but I doubt if any Shimer grad would mistake it for a climatology textbook.)

Ron Partridge said...

@Frank Frank (again) - how about "accelerated antropogenic climate change denial"? A little cumbersome. How about "current climate science denial"? More descriptive. Maybe "oil industry & libertarian propagandists" would take off the mask. Or more argumentative: "who-cares-about-future-generations-just-keep-the-profits-high-and-business-free-of-interference partisans"?