Thursday, November 10, 2005

Blog Mechanics & Support

Hi All,

Welcome to the dialogue. Here are some blog basics.

1.) A Blog is basically an online journal. It is highly effective as a tool for allowing multiple people in different locations to share information and discourse.

2.) Anyone can respond to the posts on this blog if they know where the site is.

3.) Only members can initiate posts and membership is free.

4.) There are 3 blog administrators. Saradevil and Bill and Shimerbard31

Shimerbard31 -- shouldn't be bothered too much because she is hustling data.

Saradevil - Knows many of you and is very familiar with the way the blogs work.

Bill - Knows some of you and is very familiar with the way blogs work.

5.) In order to view comments to any post go to the original post and click on the word "comments" at the end of the entry.

6.) Tell as many alumn as you can about the blog.


Laura Hewitt said...

Anyone need crash space or child care for the meeting on the 27th?

We're hoping to be all organized about it.

~Laura Hewitt, '02

Bill said...

laura can you make this a regular post and send me some info about the 27th .this is the first I have heard about it....

sdelezen said...

I recieved my invitation today. The meeting is Sunday, November 27, from 4 to 6. We are supposed to RSVP to Janice Scarbalis, Development Office at, or 847-249-7191.

I would also like to extend the offer of a place to stay in Chicago to anyone who wants to make the trip for this meeting. I have a spare bedroom and a couch if needed.