Wednesday, November 09, 2005


While trying desperately to maintain my focus on work today, I’m finding it rather difficult when I think of the situation Shimer is currently in. When Sarah first told me of it my initial reaction was that it simply could not be happening, but with the recent confirmation, I’m very concerned.

I’ve been worried about Shimer for some time. While I understand the schools admissions crisis and finical difficulty first hand, I can only imagine that part of this stems form a disconnect between those trusted with recruiting for Shimer, and the real Shimer student.

I’ve look at the pros and cons of this particular mess and all I can think is that it’s not worth it. Part of what makes Shimer so special is the cohesiveness of the school. While moving to this new campus may certainly allow for numerous opportunities, what will happen to that beautiful and fragile collective mentality? Only someone who doesn’t understand that collective need of the Shimer community would see this move as a good idea.

What makes Shimer and the program so unique and individual is not the program. If it were the program alone, many of would have been happier and perhaps healthier at another school. No, the program aside, it was the people that made Shimer special. The unique ability to share feelings, to develop personal philosophies and create new understanding that made the experience so valuable. I don’t think that would be sustained in this projected new environment in which students would be engulfed by this larger faceless entity that is ITT. Whatever can be done to prevent this from happening needs to be done quickly. I hope we can, all of us, scattered as we have become, find a way to join together to help save the spirit of Shimer before it is coldly destroyed.

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