Tuesday, December 20, 2005

From David Shiner: Assembly Motions

Here are the motions approved by the Assembly at its December 18 meeting:

1)Resolved, that it is the will of the Assembly of Shimer College that the College proceed with current negotiations with the Illinois Institute of Technology, and that, if and when the Board of Trustees judges that it is in the best interests of the College, Shimer enter into an agreement with IIT to relocate its undergraduate programs to the Chicago South Side campus of IIT and to offer courses there as early as fall 2006. MOTION CARRIES 46-29

2)Resolved, that it is the will of the Assembly that the Board of Trustees pursue offers from the city and community of Waukegan concurrently with the negotiations with IIT. MOTION CARRIES WITH ONE OPPOSED

The remainder of the motions are all recommendations of the Assembly continent upon Shimer's relocation to the IIT campus.

3)Resolved, that Shimer students have access to services that are available to IIT students, including but not limited to: extensive dining option, health services, library, computers, IT, and public transportation passes. MOTION CARRIES UNANIMOUSLY

4)Resolved, that negotiations to lease space on the IIT campus include the following: (1) a minimum lease period of 15 years; (2) right of first refusal to acquire a self-contained space on the IIT campus should such a space become available and Shimer's finances permit; and (3) the prominent display of "Shimer College" and other welcoming features at and near the entrance to the Shimer space. MOTION CARRIES UNANIMOUSLY

5)Resolved, that current Shimer students be guaranteed that their net costs for the years 2006-2009 will be no higher than would have been reasonable to expect had Shimer remained in Waukegan, taking financial aid into account. MOTION CARRIES UNANIMOUSLY

6)Resolved, that Shimer’s academic calendar be adjusted to make cross-registration between Shimer and IIT possible. MOTION CARRIES UNANIMOUSLY

7)Resolved, that the Faculty and APC establish appropriate policies for cross-registration between Shimer and both IIT and VanderCook School of Music. MOTION CARRIES WITH TWO OPPOSED

8)Resolved, that Shimer pursue off-campus housing equipped with kitchens for students, as well as contiguous on-campus housing in an IIT dormitory. MOTION CARRIES

Those are all the substantive (as opposed to procedural) motions that were approved. Other motions were either defeated or tabled.

David Shiner

Speaker, Shimer College Assembly

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Saradevil said...

I am curious about Shimer's particular academic schedule. Will it be possible to continue with the free Wednesday's when and if we move to IIT?