Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Let Me At 'Em, Sancho

Hope the link above works.

One of the things that hasn't been discussed yet--- what, if any, are the ramifications of the letters Jim passed out at the Assembly? Has anyone been in touch with the alderman who said such lovely things at the Assembly? Do we have copies of these letters? Yes, yes, we all know how I feel about Waukegan--- although some of us care to insult me and the hippy community by implying that I am a hippy, and thus show that they don't know me at all. Name your weapon, sirrah. Let us hope you do not blythely categorize me into something else I am not.

I find myself wishing that I knew if the whole offer is a beginning stance for negotiations or the firm and final offer (the latter, it seems, although I have been wrong before). And then I think--- does this indicate that we are really dealing with Shimerians here? And yes: what about Wednesdays?

I wish I knew what Susanne says about this. What Jack says. Yes, I trust the Buchanans. Yes, I trust Marc. But the more voices, the greater the harmonies, yes?


Auntie Lolo said...

Er, Auntie Lolo is what Laura H calls herself, inside her tiny head. It sounds pretty with all the echoes.

Laura H.

Katie Harrell said...

Thank you Laura!
And for the record, the CLC psych classes I took were better than many of the classes I paid $456 a credit for as a psych grad student in Chicago.

Katie Harrell said...

Bill or Sara,

Could one of you please invite 8th ward alderman Rick Larsen ( and Waukegan redevelopment director Robin Schabes ( to post? I sent them an email two minutes ago inviting them to read the blog and stating that I would be very interested to hear what the city is thinking and proposing to do about the potential move. Of course I said it in a much more professional/polite manner. Thanks.


Auntie Lolo said...

Katie, you do rock so very, very hard.

Although there goes my plan of hinting that the move is in some wise related to Waukegan's strict anti-cat laws. I do feel silly, taking my boyfriend's cat out on a leash every night. I feel certain that there are young people who pass by at that specific time to point and snicker.

I am very glad to see more coverage in the News-Sun. I have heard that Shimer people (maybe just faculty, but maybe others), if the article is reasonable to the audience, are very much invited to print in it.

We need to start using the resources available to us, as Shimer, wherever we are or will be. We've become too defeatist!