Friday, December 02, 2005

"Mine certainly was."

Dear Shimer College,

In argumentation, you can not trust the claims (a claim cannot by its very nature be trusted) of the makers of the argument. In argumentation, there are two fundamental tasks: 1) You take a position on an issue and defend it; 2) you doubt the main claim, which in this case is "There is an opportunity to relocate to IIT."

When I asked Owen Brugh the question on December 02, "Owen and Noah, Have your two rhetorically-sophisticated, well-written, strong arguments been written by Bill Rice?," didn't Noah Kippley-Ogman clearly state that same day: "Mine certainly was"?

Since President Bill Rice has "admitted" to being "Noah" and "Owen", isn't it reasonable to ask if there has ever been an opportunity to move to IIT?

If there is an opportunity to move to IIT, why would the "Noah" of "a few thoughts" and the "Owen" of "Vision" perform in the last few weeks an elaborate hoax at the expense of our community's emotions?

I think the time has come for what one of the bloggers has been asking for all week: full informed transparency; in other words, has the decision already been made to relocate to IIT? And as the faculty used to write in the margins of my arguments: "Support your claims with evidence."

With Genuine and Sincere Respect for the Makers of the Shimer College Hoax,

Michael Dubensky

P.S. Albert, I forgive you for calling me up and telling me that you spoke to "Owen" and that you told "Owen" that the Michael that you know would not have written the original letter to Bill Rice. That was an excellent hoax.


dan shiner said...

It was very resourceful of whoever put together this hoax to convince the President and all the top brass at IIT to go along with it. When we spent six hours with them, touring the campus, asking a barrage of questions, and generally being extended great hospitality, they sure had me fooled. I hope I am invited to many similar hoaxes in the future. The food was excellent, the company delightful, and they even catered to my personal idiosyncrasies (like not eating red meat and being claustrophobic). Thanks, hoaxers!

mikeyd723 said...


I would say that there has been a good deal of trust amongst ourselves at least here on this blog. And I don't think it is possible for any of us to seriously believe that we are having one "put over" on us in any serious sense.

What I do think is possible, and what many have been trying to avoid, is this decision being made (a) without optimal public discussion, and (b) without the maximum possible knowledge-sharing between those closest to the decision and those who are interested, but not immediately involved in the planning. It seems to me that our role here--in addition to listening to one another and sharing with one another our hopes and fears--is to bring about the greatest likelihood that those two negative possibilities are not realized.