Thursday, December 29, 2005

Shimer Floor Plans?

I'd like to announce the start of the play-with-the-floor-plan-of-the-proposed-space-at-IIT contest! Someone other than me (hopefully) will be administering it! Nominate yourself as administrator and judge! No actual prizes or influence in the eventual floor plans! Just a way to float neat ideas off each other!

At the end of this post, you'll find the current floor plans and my brief sketch of an idea. I made it in Microsoft Paint, included in Windows. Take the floor plan as it is (right click and "save as") and take away walls with the click of a button (painting white over them) and label things with text!

Enter the contest to win glorious prizes! There are no prizes. This is not a contest.

Send your plans to me by email ( or put them in my box in Prairie if you'd rather do it with white-out and pen. I'll post them somewhere when the semester begins. And figure out who may be responsible for figuring out what is eventually done and get all the proposed plans to him or her.

The only guidelines are that you can't knock down the pillars (little squares) and there should be some classrooms and potential office space.

Do it now. Seriously, how can we make this space Shimer?

Current layout

My sketch (one)

My sketch (two)

Outside picture




D. R. Koukal said...

Does anyone have pictures of this building (interior and exterior) that they can post?

Auntie Lolo said...

I'm not up on architecture. How can one tell which ones are load-bearing walls?

Noah said...

You can't remove the pillars, designated by white squares.

Noah said...

An email I recieved New Year's Eve:

So, without sounding like you're being watched, I noticed that
someone on "The Future of Shimer College" blog had requested interior
and exterior photos of the proposed space for Shimer at 3424 S State
St in Chicago at IIT's Main Campus. (We're a tech school, so if
something is reachable via Google, we can pretty much find it. Also,
this situation is of particular interest to some of the students at
IIT because we've just found about it - no official announcements
have been made to the IIT community about it). Can't help with
interior photos, but I do have one exterior.

Attached is a picture from State Street, on the east side of the
building, that I took about a month ago (Notice Easter Seals is still
listed on the sign...even though that's the space Shimer is being
offered). The current main entrance to the building is shown in the
center, though I think you can get in from the west side as well (a
small parking area is over there, with a larger one across State
beneath the 'L' tracks). I believe the space would be in the
southern building, on the left in the picture, though I'm not
certain. The biggest difference would be that the southern building
has the "Chicago-style" windows that are much taller than the ones on
the northern building. Some of the small windows along the bottom
should be able to be opened.

Anyway, just an anonymous friend at IIT... :)


And from Noah:

The space we're discussing is actually in the building on the right, with the awful windows.

Auntie Lolo said...

Any chance of a rooftop garden?

One of the things I hope will be missed is the rockabye tree, the one that people fall asleep in the crook of in back of Godot.

Names for the classrooms, as well.

Saradevil said...

Sorry Noah,

I had to delete the floor plan pictures. Can you post them at so others can see them and then post a link to it in the comments or in your post?

The pics were screwing up the blog something fierce. I tried everything to fix it but that was the only thing that would work.



Michael said...

We're a tech school, so if
something is reachable via Google, we can pretty much find it.

Goo-gle? What is this Google of which you speak? Aristotle never mentioned it.