Monday, December 05, 2005

"The mayor is looking into possibilities..."

I spoke to the Mayor of the City of Waukegan, Richard Hyde, in order to find out if the City of Waukegan could do something for Shimer College in Waukegen.

It made me sad that the City of Waukegan can't financially support Shimer College with public money. Because Shimer College is a private institution, "the city can't do anything for them."

One of his responses clarified a question that I asked in a previous blog entry, what is the meaning of "This alderman wants them to stay in Waukegan"? (Chicago Tribune, November 23) The mayor stated that "We would like Shimer College to stay, but this is a decision that they would have to make."

The City of Waukegan was my biggest hope for Shimer College in Waukegan.

Did the mayor's attitude change after David Shiner reported on November 30 that President Bill Rice's meeting with the mayor went quite well and President Bill Rice is happy about how the meeting went: "The mayor is looking into possibilities that would help make it easier for Shimer to stay in Waukegan"?

But the mayor didn't make any comment in our conversation that would suggest that the mayor has any intention of doing anything for Shimer College.

Michael Dubensky


Edward McEneely said...

Does this also in essence mean that Waukegan can offer the school no incentive to stay?

Or that they cannot financially support us, but they can still make it easier for us in other ways?

Anonymous said...


I think that's what he meant by "The city can't do anything for them." He was a very direct person, who made clear statements such as "if they are going to go, they are going to go; if they are going to move, they are going to relocate." If you doubt any of my statements or citations, he can be reached at (847)599-2510.


Edward McEneely said...

Oh, I don't doubt it.

That's very distressing, because I know a lot of people, myself included, were hoping Waukegan could make it worth Shimer's while to stay in the city.

I still firmly feel there are many good reasons to remain, or to at least delay on the IIT move/decision for a few months at least; I hope that others will feel the same.

Richardthe1st said...

Thank you for calling the mayor Michael. I must say I find this approach by the city puzzling. While they obviously cannot financially support the school (which is probably a good thing for everyone involved) they could probably work out arrangements for property tax breaks. Cities are always giving companies tax breaks to locate in their city. Why no a private school.

Saradevil said...

I shouldn't be pissed off, but it works for me, and anyone who knows me will know it is a constant state. Also, I have very little patience for the kind of "critical thinking" that detracts from actual meaning and breaks everything into subjective interpretation. It irritates me to no end. So, I'm asking Michael, just what kind of proof do you want? I think everyone who has posted here has done a damn good job of trying to represent their sides of the argument. We've had lists of pros, cons, recipes, and in-betweens, so what do you want? If you want someone to sit down with a signed lease agreement it is not going to happen. This move is a proposal, as a proposal there is nothing concrete or set in stone. We have a lot of people talking. That is about all the evidence you are going to get. Your example here is merely evidence that you can dial a phone and have a conversation.

So, come off it and stop challenging people to put forth “evidence”. For someone who claims to be reading in everything in such great detail I’m surprised that you have yet to stop reading and start listening to some of what is being said. I’m not saying that you should be convinced by the man behind the mirror and come around to a particular side, but I am saying that you are doing a damn good job of ignoring everything that is being said by “trying” to read between the lines.

So I ask you? Just what kind of evidence would satisfy you at this point, buddy boy, cause I sure as hell don’t get it!

As always,